'Helping kids to be the best version of themselves.'

The consequences of Covid have provided an acceleration in the application and adoption of digital education resources at a level never before perceived. Whilst students are beginning to return to schools the requirement of a joined-up process with teachers, parents and home education becomes critical rather than “nice to have”. At the same time there is an increasing demand and requirement for the consideration of student wellbeing in this distributed and digitally empowered ecosystem. Impact needs to be quantified and qualified, agile real time assessment is imperative. Facilitating a readily accessible, personal learning journey and consolidating the personal learning outcome is the challenge. You-Learn is a next generation technology platform built to deliver against these paradigm shifts.

STEM knowledge, skills and competencies will take the student only so far. No scientist, technologist or mathematician works alone. Social-emotional skills, such as self awareness, self-management and social awareness enable the individual to apply all they have learnt in understanding the world and solving real world problems. That is what You-Learn does, that is why we believe this is a step change in personalised tuition, delivered at scale, eficiently and cost efectively. Improving future employability outcomes for students, and adding value to both teaching and learning methodology.

Why You-Learn?

You-Learn was developed to embrace and deliver against the core principles of online engagement with students, at scale. Deliver academic rigour through immersive and purpose built digital content. Built by specialists who understand digital pedagogy and the mindset of students, to learn anywhere and at anytime. To provide a personal learning journey for each user, and assessment of their individual personal learning outcomes. Even more critically, to provide digitally conceived pastoral care, as all content is framed on researched and evolving social and emotional learning disciplines and outcomes.

What You-Learn?

You-Learn is a scale-up technology division of an established UK Plc, DevClever. As an international organisation we are configuring the research in the development of personal skills, GDPR compliant user profiling, with proven technology and methodology, to deliver a personalised learning experience and personal learning outcomes for students. We already engage with millions of students worldwide through strategic relationships, and directly with platforms for schools. Unlike many digital companies we have already prepared 750+ VR digital assets developed and available day one, with a portfolio to follow. We are now taking this experience and delivering directly to students at home, in both online and offline tools. In post covid times we are at the leading edge of embracing home learning, remote engagement joining teachers with their students, and their parents.

How You-Learn?

We are embracing Web 3.0 and multi channel distribution, in phase 1 Q2.2022 partnering with leading TELCO businesses globally.

Phase 2 will be developing segmented content in modules available to download from our Learning Hub and the global APP Stores (in stealth, launching Q4.2022). Localised solutions taking into account multiple languages, cultures, curriculum and diversity. The content is available in immersive VR configuration. Considerable investment and content preparation has been allocated to provide cost effective tools to support all budgets. We are already an impact driven organisation and have a mission to become one of the leading solutions in education, available to all, globally.

Social & Emotional Learning Research

“No longer is the advantage held by the student who is able to acquire knowledge but rather the student who is able to express that knowledge and use it to deliver positive outcomes for themselves and their wider community. The ability to ‘read a person or room’ and adapt how you think, communicate and behave is now the must-have skill. Developing the social-emotional skills that come from a better understanding of ‘self’ is the bedrock for success in today’s world.”

Dr Leila Khouja Walker, Pedagogy Expert and Co-Founder of Persona Education

Education technology for TELCO’s

TELCO companies are in a strong position to become the agents of social and economic change in the education sector. The pandemic has emphasised the challenges and requirement of home schooling, remote learning in Universities, and distributed networks in enterprise. TELCO business by default have vast client base, combined with consolidated outreach; captive audience; payment methods; strong infrastructure; ability to integrate relevant technology. Well placed to offer meaningful, fit-for-purpose, secure content to students and learners. You-Learn has been built to facilitate this engagement, in an intuitive and adaptive technology. Delivering personalised learning journeys, and personal learning outcomes. With the mindset and wellbeing of the student at its centre.

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a direct to consumer education APP Store. Focused primarily at education resources for both parents and children. Many of the APPs featured here will also be available to download from the established APP Stores, and will be available in both Apple iOS and Google Android systems and compatible to those devices. The Learning Hub will feature content developed by You-Learn, Veative Education, DevClever, and associated publishers, partners and innovative collaborators.