The Learning Hub

(Coming Soon Q4.2022)

The Learning Hub is an APP store. With an initial portfolio of some 35 VR STEM subject focused APPs, each APP with some 20+ learning modules. With complimentary lesson plans, and teacher or parent supporting collaterals to support self paced learning on a mobile device or laptop. The APPs will deliver personal learning journeys, adaptive learning, for each student. Based on their individual profile, needs and learning styles. Securely and GDPR compliantly linked to the Cloud, personalised to the learning characteristics of each students requirement. This digital library is an effective personal tuition resource. Additional curriculum focused learning assets will be added to the library in the coming months and years. Language Learning, Literacy, innovative Maths Learning engagement, and other portfolio development. Content built by the DevClever Plc companies, and curated from partner publishers and innovators. We aim for the You-Learn education Learning Hub to become the trusted distribution partner of authentic learning resources, curated and managed by subject matter domain experts, worldwide. Welcome to You-Learn. 

You-Learn APPs

The Learning Hub is a portfolio of You-Learn STEM APPs that are configured to provide personal learning journeys, adaptive learning, and critically social and emotional learning outcomes for each student. Based on their individual profile, needs and learning styles, configured through the personality profiling onboarding program. Personalised to the learning characteristics of each students requirement. The data is private and secure, GDPR compliant. Localised solutions available in over 50 languages. The content is available in immersive VR configuration. Accessible both online and offline. This digital library is an effective individual tuition resource.

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How the Learning Hub delivers personalised learning journeys

You-Learn is predicated on robust empirical research. The findings from this research have been translated by our education technologists to create a set of learning tools that enables young people to become the best version of themselves.

Instrumental to the success of You-Learn is its use of personalised learning journeys resulting in tailored outcomes for each and every one of our students. Our use of technology to create these personalised pathways adopts the following principle by world renowned academic, Professor Yong Zhao:

“Technology should be used to create a learning space – a breathable space that nurtures possibilities rather than fulfilling mere predictions.”