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Offering meaningful, fit-for-purpose, secure content.

There’s a latent concern among parents about screen time and appropriateness of content being accessed by children. Education is one of the industries that will continue to thrive in the future. As such, it is beyond the trends, fashions, or preferences that characterise other distributed content.

You-Learn offers meaningful, fit-for-purpose, secure content, which is age-appropriate and is not surrounded by the noise and distractions of TikTok and other platforms.

We engage a younger audience with purposeful content and tools that keep them away from the usual rabbit holes generalist social media outlets are unable (and unwilling) to control.

Why Social-Emotional learning matters

Improving with SEL

93% of young people believe social-emotional skills are critical in their preparation for future employment in the modern workplace

Beyond results

88% of parents say a good education goes beyond exam results

A better future

74% of teachers say skills like teamwork and communication will give their students a better chance of future job happiness

Key qualities

80% of employers say social-emotional skills are the most important to success, yet also the hardest to find

Helping young people improve Social-Emotional skills

Developing an awareness and understanding of themselves, helps young people improve these social-emotional skills, which can make or break the success of their relationships and future decision-making in important interactions such as work experience, job interviews, teamwork and even leadership roles.

That’s why the first step in You-Learn is a personality quiz providing young people with insight into who they are, potential growth areas, and the exciting possibilities open to them as they embark on their career discovery journey.

Gaining the Advantage in STEM-based Careers

STEM knowledge, skills and competencies will take you only so far. No scientist, technologist or mathematician works alone. Social-emotional skills, such as self awareness, self-management and social awareness enable them to apply all they have learnt in understanding the world and solving real world problems.

STEM demands a creative, enquiring and critical mind. It requires effective listening and communication within diverse teams, and being open to the unique specialism each team member brings to the STEM table. By pairing STEM with social-emotional skills, learning impact is optimised2.

So, the STEM workforce succeeds when it works together, developing the innovative global solutions needed to address new and old diseases, famine, climate change and many other important global challenges.

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Developing Skills for Life

Social contact is the number one topic of interest for most teenagers, including relationships with friends, teachers, classmates, parents, siblings, sports teammates, work peers and supervisors. Successful relationships all depend heavily upon efective communication and appropriate behaviour in diferent situations.

Developing an awareness and understanding of ‘self’ helps young people to acquire and improve the social-emotional skills that can make or break the success of their relationships and decision-making.

Learning to recognise and use these skills is a route to the conscious adaptability that can help teenagers to achieve positive outcomes in relationships of all kinds, from friendship groups to getting along with teachers, to important interactions when they are older such as work experience, job interviews, teamwork and leadership roles.

The part of our brains that contributes to social-emotional development – the pre-frontal cortex – continues to develop until the early to mid 20s, so the processes that this area of the brain handles can change dramatically during the teenage years. These include social cognition, self-regulation, cognitive control and emotional regulation.

For teenagers in secondary school or college, these mental and social aspects are often the most challenging. Social-emotional skills development, therefore, needs learning support.

Fortunately, these processes are potentially open to conscious adaptation. Understanding, trying out and practising social-emotional skills can help teenagers to achieve more positive outcomes in the day-to-day life challenges they face, today and for their future adult years.

While SEL is not a new concept in education, what is new to education – and to the world of work – is the dramatic shift to online delivery resulting from the pandemic. And that is here to stay.

Remote online schooling – delivered via mobile for hundreds of millions – has become a critical path to learning around the world, resulting in blended learning rapidly becoming a mainstream educational paradigm.

It has also spawned a crop of online K12 schools attracting students and parents who see and feel the benefits. In higher education too, online lectures and tutorials have become the norm rather than the exception for the majority of undergraduates and many postgraduates.

Personalisation on You-Learn

The first step in You-Learn is a personality and profile set of questions. Providing the individual with a deep insight into who they are, potential growth areas, and the exciting possibilities open to them as they embark on their personal learning journey.

  • Engaging the user

The engagement modelling for a TELCO company

There are a number of rationales why the leading TELCO companies would wish to develop learning resources for their client base. Providing curated and impactful digital learning tuition for families.

Gather (anonymised) user data from early ages, data which can be used to improve services and overall user experience

Facilitate (almost) universal access to quality educational tools and content to impact knowledge acquisition, learning, and long-term personal & professional development

Build a solid user base from early ages by means of relevant, fit-for-purpose, engaging & scalable mobile content that has truly transformational power

Provide services and content that increases and stays relevant as your user base grows

Give existing customers the opportunity to purchase other services that are integrated within core plans

K-12: a 12-year business plan built on sustained growth.

New business opportunities: Play an active role in shaping the education industry by contributing to new tech developments, advancing infrastructure, etc

Add paid services to existing plans (for streaming or data) etc

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750+ learning objectives complete with classroom management and learning analytics

You-Learn provides the world’s largest library of interactive, aligned immersive content for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Governments around the world emphasise STEM, 21st Century Skills, and digital literacy as critical to support economic growth.

In the near future, both developed and developing countries will see strong demand for local talent and will need to promote extensive upscaling of these skills. It is no surprise that, in some countries (Thailand, Japan, India etc), coding is being made compulsory in schools